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got some new cosplays planned! :D 

Lana (Hyrule Warriors) is just too adorable!!! ♥

Hinata (Naruto): I’ve always liked her and hope to take pictures with some Narutos cause OTP~

Chihaya Kisaragi (Idolm@ster) & Umi Sonoda (Love Live): my friend wants to make a group and I chose to be these two since they share the same hairstyle/color and I like them too so it’s a plus! :D




So I’ve decided to do a giveaway, partly in honor of exams being over and partly because I’m fucking bored, but mostly because every single one of my followers are amazing and I love you and want to give something back to you guys :3

Of course, we must have rules:

  • Reblogs count- likes do not.
  • You don’t have to be following me, but I will include something extra if you are :)
  • No side/giveaway blogs- I will be checking.
  • Reblog as often as you’d like, just don’t annoy your followers
  • Winner will be selected by a random number generator
  • I’m spending a LOT of money on this giveaway, so please don’t give me hate if you’re not the chosen winner (please)
  • You must reply within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen
  • You also must be comfortable giving me your address; I can’t exactly send you something without it, yeah? ;)

First place will receive:

  • Any two wigs from
  • Any Attack on Titan shirt from Hot Topic
  • any two manga volumes of your choice
  • The Fault In Our Stars by John Green (or any other John Green book)
  • An SNK necklace of your choice
  • One piece of a cosplay outfit from anywhere online (So like you can get a dress or a wig or shoes or some shit)
  • ANY Assassin’s Creed video game for a console of your choice
  • A one-shot fanfiction over 5,000 words based on the otp/prompt of your choice- posted on AO3


  • A brand-new Xbox 360 with any three games of your choosing

Second Place will receive:

  • Any one wig from
  • A SNK necklace
  • Any two manga volumes of your choice
  • A one-shot fanfiction over 2,000 words based on the prompt/otp of their choice- posted on AO3
  • One piece of a cosplay outfit (shirt/boots/wig, etc etc.)

Third Place will receive:

  • A manga volume of their choice
  • Any poster from
  • a rabbit’s foot because why fucking not

If you’re not in the SNK  fandom and would like something from other fandoms, we can work it out.

Also, if you already have all the Assassins Creed games, you can substitute it with the game of your choice.

International shipping! Such awesome

Winner will be announced on August 30th!

Good luck!! <3

UPDATE: If you already  have an xbox, you can get a playstation instead. 3 or 4, I really don’t care which one you ask for. If you don’t want a game system, you can get $300 worth of fandom merch from ANY FANDOM anywhere online. Good luck, lovelies! A little less than 2 months left to reblog!!

url change! :)

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